Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pig'ums gets settled in...

Pig'ums has gotten quite comfy these past several days. This robust lil' guy no longer runs away from me when I attempt to pick him up. As the following photos attest to, this little guy has gotten quite comfortable!
I had this tent from my previous little piggies, but since they were all girls--and weighed no more than 2 lbs, they had no problems. 
However, with this little guy being over 3 lbs, I never expected him to fit inside! But, as you can see here, he had no problems either...
Check out his cute little back foot with the little pink pads! He's got a nice chunky piece of thigh showing as well. 
I'm really happy to see that he's settling in so fast and getting comfortable. I want him to feel very much loved and at home here with us. This lil' guy is one big cutie!

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