Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So much for the month of August!

Well, the month of August zipped by without a lot of fanfare-save for a friend who visited (and stayed) with us (from France) for almost 3 weeks... hence the lack of updates to this blog! 
As a result, Pig'ums had a "roommate" for a good portion of the month... and although he put up with the "coos and unexpected affection" of a stranger, the lil' guy held up well, and adjusted accordingly! However, I could tell that he was more than happy to return to his normal routine as my personal lil' "couch-piggie."  
Of course, this little "couch-piggie" had to endure 3 complete seasons of the HBO series called "Deadwood."  Despite the outrageous number of "F-bombs" strewn about the show with wreckless abandon, Pig'ums held his own and managed to even get a little shut-eye between a few of those verbal explosions! ( husband and I really became addicted to the show! It was an exceptionally enjoyable show to watch, and I only wish it ran for more than 3 seasons!!! It was a great character study that was wonderfully written by David Milch and outstandingly performed by a host of great actors... especially Ian McShane and Brad Dourif, my favorite characters...)
But, I took a little detour from the main topic, my couch-piggie... I managed to take a few "special" photographs of my lil' guy-posing and preening as a handsome piggie should! Here are the results of our little photo session:
If I say so myself, he's definitely a striking lil' piggie! A natural born model for all to behold! 
Of course, he's been developing a bit of a 'tude due to his sudden celebrity status! With a recent plug from Cavymadness and the adoration of the Guinea Girls from down-under, he's definitely getting a bit big for his britches! But that's okay, 'cause he's awesome!!!

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