Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Pet Capybara's View of the World: Fame and the Capybara

I've been following Caplin the minute I found a video of him surfacing on YouTube, and have been a big fan ever since. Thanks to his wonderful owner, we've been privy enough to watch this lil' guy grow up to be a big, handsome, capybara, while enjoying his exploits.
Check out his link (below) to enjoy some truly amazing photos and videos:
Of course, since I love guinea pigs, it was only natural for me to fall in love with the capybara. When my husband first discovered my obsession with capybaras, he ended up surprising me with a wonderful book by Bill Peet, called "Cappyboppy." I think I've read that book over 5 times already! Fortunately, I can enjoy living vicariously with a pet capybara through YouTube and Caplin's numerous blogs.
Recently, Caplin became a celebrity of sorts via Animal Planet... He was featured on a show called "Animal Planet's Most Outrageous." For those who may have missed the show, repeats of this special episode can be found here:
Fortunately, fame hasn't gotten to this "lil' guy's" head yet!


Caplin Rous said...

Thanks for promoting my blog! I have always though Pig'ums is one of the most beautiful guinea pigs I know!

Caplin Rous said...

Forgot to mention that I'll post when my book is available so you don't need to keep scanning for it on Amazon.

I also love Capyboppy. He is my hero. You can follow this link to read the sad ending that was not in the book: http://www.billpeet.net/PAGES/capy.htm