Monday, July 17, 2006

April 2006 - RIP Bosco... I sure miss you!

Bosco was my first guinea pig. My husband and I went over to PetSmart on Lakeview Canyon Road, saw her and just fell in love.
She was just a tiny little thing when I first brought her home, but she quickly grew into this incredibly soft and cute lil' furball! She'd lay in a ball on my lap and sleep contently whether I was watching TV, or a DVD or just typing on the computer. Sometimes she'd twitch in a dream. Her ears would flutter and her hind legs would stretch out. Sometimes she'd let out this big yawn, stretch some more, then lay content just taking in all the rubs. She was the fluffliest lil' bugger with these little white "boots" on the left side of her rear foot. She looked like she was walking around with bathroom slippers when viewed from behind. What a cutie.
I submitted a photo of Bosco to a great guinea pig Web site called "Cavy Madness" which is designed, developed, and maintained by a truly talented photographer (and fellow cavy addict). She announced a "call-of-entries" where she'd select the best photos submitted and publish them on a desk calendar that she sells each year. I was delighted (and surprised) to learn that my photo of Bosco was selected and published on her 2006 desk calendar. As a result, Bosco became a "calendar" piggy (or "Miss October" as I like to call her). She gave it her best Bosco face and struck a pose that's now immortalized and sold throughout the country. I was so proud, I showed everyone my personal "piggie-of-the-month" (which just so happens to be the month of my birthday was well!!!)
Unfortunately, in April of 2006, she passed away due to some hay mites she contracted which quickly overtook and infected her. She died the next day, despite the Ivermectin shot she received at the vet. I was so heartbroken because she was my first-born. She was just a little over 4 years old. She had remained healthy all the years that I had been blessed with her, so it came as a shock when she became ill so quickly then passed away. I'll always miss her big cheeky face and her thick coat of fur. RIP lil' Bosco. I hope you're romping around with Buttercup and remaining her companion!

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