Monday, July 17, 2006


Swee'Pea is like a "dark chocolate" version of Buttercup. Sometime after Buttercup passed, I found Swee'Pea and fell immediately in love with her. Although she was not to be a replacement for Buttercup, I loved the fact that she closely resembled my dearly departed "cafe aux lait" friend. Swee'Pea is similar to Buttercup in many ways... with the exception of NOT being able to live with other guinea pigs in the same cage. When my other two piggies were alive, I had to partition the cage so that Swee'Pea wouldn't end up fighting with the others. With the partition, Swee'Pea would get along with everyone.
She'd park herself next to the other two pigs, and not have a problem with them at all. But, remove that partition, and fighting would quickly ensue! 
One time I learned the hard way never to separate two guinea pigs during a fight without wearing oven mits or using a towel. I was dumb enough to attempt this with my bare hands only to end up with Swee'Pea tightly attached to my finger with her razor-sharp teeth! That really hurt-especially with her little plump "Pilsbury Dough Boy" of a body wriggling around!!! (She still thought she was fighting Bosco-which, in itself was pretty impressive because Bosco was much bigger than Swee'Pea!)
These days, Swee'Pea is my companion while watching television-and sometimes while computing! I can place her on her blanket right in front of my iMac and she'll sit there with me for a long time. She's my little cuddle companion! She also captures the hearts of anyone who visits just by being "Swee'Pea." The funny thing is that over time, her name has since evolved like the previous pigs. Swee'Pea soon became "Swee'ums," which was later shortened simply to "Ums."
Will work for Parsley... Swee'Pea's favorite foods are parsley, carrots, jicama, apples, watermelons, and pears (in addition to her standard piggie fare of hay and pellets). Parsley, however, is her absolute favorite and that's the only food item I can use to direct her towards me on her own.

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