Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sleeping Beauty!

I managed to capture Swee'Pea dozing off this morning! She was sure a cute lil' warm bundle of fur... all wrapped up in her little blanket! Like clockwork, after she has her morning breakfast, she usually gets a little sleepy towards mid to late morning and ends up taking a nap. (Coincidentally, I do too... but I usually don't get to take a nap!)  
Anyway, here are some photos to show how cute she is when she gets sleepy. 
Uh oh! Now she's asleep! Check out her little eyes. I'd have to say I have one pretty content little piggie on my lap! Watching her is making me want to nap now...  what a life she has, eat, sleep, get cuddled, and repeat. (If she doesn't make you feel all "warm and squishy" inside, then I don't know what would!) 
I guess something got her attention because she was sniffing the air when I snapped this shot! Between listening to the cows being herded in from the hills and smelling the mock orange flowers wafting in, I guess she's a light sleeper because she's now wide awake!
(I really get a kick out of seeing her curly little ears too! They look like perfect little flower petals.)

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