Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Introducing "Pig'ums!"

Well, after scouring the Internet for an available shelter piggie, I finally located one at the Camarillo Animal Shelter... so, as a result, I decided to visit the shelter to check out this "cheeky" little fellow! 
On June 14th, I drove over to the Camarillo Animal Shelter and adopted a new little pig-pal. This is my first male guinea pig as well! 
The minute I saw him, I fell in love, so after completing the paperwork, this little guy was finally relinquished to me. I couldn't wait to take him home to show my husband! He also fell in love with the little guy!
So, without further ado, please allow me to introduce "Pig'ums!"
He is 3 lbs of pure cuddly fluff! I don't know his age, but I suspect that he is still pretty young--based upon his behavior and the fact that he was placed in an animal shelter (which usually indicates a pet the owner grew bored of and thought it was too much work). Oh well, their loss is my gain. 
Here's a view of his incredibly cute butt...

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