Tuesday, June 03, 2008

June 3, 2008 marks the very sad passing of my beloved Swee'Pea.

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my beloved Swee'Pea.
I lost my adorable little companion, Swee'Pea just this morning.
She was this soft, small package who made a huge impact in my life, each and every day of her all-too-brief existence. 
Swee'Pea became ill and succumbed to what I believe to have been kidney failure. 
Her death came unexpectedly and happened within the course of a day. 
All I could do was to try to make her as comfortable as possible and attend to her needs. 
She was 2.25 lbs of pure love and cuteness! 
These are a couple of photos that I took of her on the day she started to get ill (June 2nd). I had her perched on her favorite blanky right in front of my computer so I could spend as much time with her while working on a freelance project. Unfortunately, her decline was rapid! 
By the evening, she became so sick and disoriented. She refused to drink and eat, and she barely had the strength to lift her head. I stayed up with her late last night. By the time I woke up (after many dreams about her), I found that she had just passed away--probably around 5 a.m. based on her body temperature. 
Needless to say, I've spent the last two days crying throughout because I felt so helpless. For such a small animal, she left a mega-huge void in my heart and her loss has filled me with tremendous sense of grief. 
I get really attached to all animals because they always accept you as you are, no matter what. I know that I don't have to do anything at all to impress them, except to play with them, feed and house them, keep them warm and clean, and keep them company. Because they're so helpless, friendly, and cute-looking, I always fall hook-line-and-sinker for these little critters. They have this knack for cheering me up when I've had a rough day because their sweet little faces display so much hope, innocence, and gentility--which is so different from the harsh realities we witness each day, whether it be on the news or first hand.  
These wonderful creatures are a great respite from hustle and bustle of daily life. They only have to peer into your soul with their huge black orbs to lift the weight of the day's troubles away. They're far better than any drug that I can imagine. A view into their world is so carefree and calming to one's self. Their sweet little expressions melt my heart, their companionship fills me with warmth--but their loss fills me with immeasurable grief. The only thing that I can hold onto are my memories of this great little girl and all the fun moments I've had with her. She became my surrogate baby to cuddle and care for. 
Although, I'm not certain of when she was born, I'd have to say she was approximately 5-years old or so. Throughout her life, she remained pretty robust and healthy, and had only to see the vet once in her entire life--and that was a couple of years ago. 
I miss my little cherub immensely, but I sincerely hope that she is at peace and free of pain. RIP lil' Swee'Pea, Peedy, Sweet'ums, and finally affectionately known simply as 'Ums. 
Boy, do I miss her... She and I were "attached at the hip" while watching television and movies, and was my companion when my husband was busy working on a project. She gave me 5 wonderful years of companionship. During that time, she acted as a "therapy pig" for my late mother while she lived with us. Since she was in the throws of dementia, and severely declining health, I used to bring Swee'Pea to my mom so she could hold her (she was placed on a table that was always in front of her chair. I could tell that it made such a huge difference in the way my mom felt. She really loved the little girl as well--so bringing her downstairs always put a smile on my mom's face! I'm glad that she was able to bring such joy to my ailing mom!
I just hope that I was able to make Swee'Pea's life as enjoyable as she made mine! RIP...

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