Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Chillin' out some more...

Pig'ums is finally starting to become a really super-well-adjusted lil' boy now! Hearty appetite, more relaxed, and thoroughly comfy. Here, I snapped a few photos of him during our morning cuddles... 
I'm insanely fond of "piggie lips," and needless to say, he's got a robust lil' pout. (You can't really see it on the photos here, but the white fur around his mouth is stained with carrots and beets.)
He's got me wrapped around his little finger/toe, just because of my weakness for guinea pig lips. Aren't they adorable? Who could resist! (Especially, when they're nibbling.)


Anonymous said...

I love guinea pigs - especially their cute lil' lips! I have one and he does this thing called popcorning which is when they're happy they jump up and down and squeak. It's sooo cute! I love ur guinea pig he is really cute!
Piggy fan,

Cyberlis said...

Why thanks Abzee! I had a couple of guinea pigs that used to popcorn as well. I always thought is was adorable to watch them do that. Some of my pigs were "wheekers" too!

I'm totally nuts about guinea pigs. Thanks for the feedback!