Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I still think about her...

I still think of Swee'Pea often. The traumatic experience of seeing her so sick really got the better of me. Thinking back, I'm beginning to see that she had certain issues that appeared to be benign back then, to both her vet and myself. Even an x-ray yielded nothing! However, I've always suspected that she may have had a problem with her kidneys due to her frequent urgency and the amount of water she drank. 

Aside from that, all other aspects of her behavior seemed healthy and normal. It was probably because she was over 4 years of age (which is about the time when a guinea pig is considered a senior) that things took a turn for the worst.  Perhaps the problems that seemed so minor, previously, became more acute due to her advancing age. That doesn't change the fact that I still really miss her. (It would have been nice to be able to introduce her to Pig'ums too-albeit, separately...)

The saddest thing is that animals are unable to tell us when they are ill or in pain. We can be diligent and try to be observant as much as possible, but it's still fairly difficult to thoroughly know when any pet is not feeling well. Often, once the symptoms start becoming more pronounced, it usually becomes too late.

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