Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Pigloo!

After I brought home my little pig, I thought it would be good to get him a large terra cotta pot that he could lay in when he's warm during the summer months. Now, remember, I've had him since June 14th... and I got this pot probably within a week of getting Pig'ums. Well, to my astonishment, the little guy 'finally' used it as his little hide-out today! 
He probably got sick of staying inside the small cage that he was in while I cleaned out his pen. And, when I finally placed him back in, he was probably frustrated with the way I had set up his pen. You see... I decided to retrieve the 'piggy potty' out of storage and decided to place that in his pen--seeing that he seems to favor one area for using as his bathroom. So, I thought I'd give it a try with him. After thoroughly scrubbing the potty and hooking it onto his pen wall, I filled it with some soft bedding in hopes that he'll start using it himself.
Unfortunately, the girls I had previously were never able to be potty-trained, so despite all of my efforts in trying to get them to use the piggy potty, I finally ended up stowing it away in the cupboard next to their pen... and there it stayed hidden, packed away until today. Meanwhile, Pig'ums was probably wondering what the 'new big green plastic thing' was by the corner where he used to park himself and 'stand sentry' over his pen.
I guess today's additions to his humble abode ended up 'rocking his world' a little too much, thus sending him to seek refuge into the terra cotta pot (or, the 'Pigloo,' as I call it). Oh well... I guess one can't please all pigs, all of the time!

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