Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Well, so much for potty-training...

The one thing I noticed about Pig'ums is that he seems to favor a particular corner of his cage to relieve himself. That is the 'special spot' for him to go potty. In fact, if he's been on my lap for a while and all-of-a-sudden gets antsy, then that's my queue to plop him back into his 'bat cave' so he can go potty! Low and behold, the little bugger scurries off to that same corner no matter what.
After observing this pattern over and over, I decided that Pig'ums is just way too smart to be an ordinary pig. Alas, the proverbial 'light-bulb' clicked on in my head and I immediately remembered the 'piggie-potty' I got for the girls, but ultimately was never used... thus, I decided to give it a try with this lil' guy!
Anticipating that he was going to blow away the competition with his 'Mensa' mind by automatically using this newly furnished piggie-potty, I waited anxiously to see whether he'd take advantage of this 'new green thing' that sat mysteriously in his favorite corner... and, I waited, and waited. 
It appears that this 'new green thing' ended up startling Pig'ums for quite awhile, because he did absolutely everything in his power to avoid this recent 'upset' to his surroundings. 
Day 1 passes... nothing. 
Day 2... he starts showing some interest, but won't set foot into this 'new green thing.' (BTW, this whole fiasco ultimately forced him to establish a different spot to go potty in.)
Then, day 3 arrives. I'm waiting, but still, nothing.  Later that day, I decide to relax on my couch to read a local newspaper, and out of the corner of my eye, I notice Pig'ums all sprawled out inside his 'new green thing' as if it were a Barcalounger
Ever so gingerly, I reach over for my camera so I can capture this moment.  The photo (below) is the result:
I guess you can say that Pig'ums decided to use this for some other 'off-label' use, instead of for what it was originally intended for. And, judging by this photo, he looks pretty darn pleased with himself!

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