Monday, August 04, 2008

My Video Snapshot Experiment...

Although, not a new idea, I thought it would be fun to attempt to take a video snapshot of Pig'ums from my iMac. This however, proved to be a little tricker than I expected because I had to securely hold Pig'ums with one hand while using the other hand to click the mouse in order to snap the photo... all while making certain that I wasn't looking in the wrong direction. After my little juggling act, this is what I finally managed to capture:
Somehow, I don't think that Pig'ums was all that pleased sitting on my shoulder like that... but, at least he was cooperative and a good sport about the whole thing. His reward ended up being this huge mound of hay (of which he is currently noshing on, ever so contently). 
He's such a good lil' guy! He puts up with all of my silly whims yet doesn't hold any grudges against me. He's simply too cute! I can't help it if I smother him with affection at times because he's irresistable! 
Oh, the sacrifices this little guy has to make every now and then... just to please his human friend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lis! I'm at work right now, and just popped in to see what's new. How nice to see your beautiful face and that of Pig'ems as well. Lova ya! ~ Norm